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Static ZIP Code API

Simple "API" for retrieving information about a given ZIP Code via (several hundred thousand) static files. The idea is to host these on a static storage service like Amazon S3.

There are two flavors: vanilla JSON and JSONP with a hardcoded callback function of zipapicallback.

Hosted Version

For low traffic usage (less than 1,000 requests per month), you can use This site uses CORS headers meaning all modern browsers should allow a cross-domain request. If you need to support older browsers, use which uses a hard-coded callback function name of zipapicallback (see example below).

For SSL the URIs are and

d3ploy Support

For easy upload to S3, rename sample-deploy.json to deploy.json and change the "bucket" variable to the name of your target bucket. Then run d3ploy with the --all flag.


function zipapicallback(data) {
    // do something with your data
    url:             '',
    cache:           true,
    dataType:        'jsonp',
    jsonpCallback:   'zipapicallback'

Returned Data

    "postal_code": "37415",
    "lat": 35.116285,
    "lng": -85.28466,
    "locality": "Chattanooga",
    "localities": [
        "Red Bank"
    "region": {
        "abbr": "TN",
        "name": "Tennessee",
        "fips": "47"
    "counties": [
            "name": "Hamilton",
            "fips": "065"
    "type": "STANDARD"
  • lat and lng are the estimated coordinates of the ZIP code's center.
  • locality is the primary city for the ZIP code as determined by the USPS.
  • localities is an array of all possible city names as determined by the USPS. Will always at least contain the primary city name.
  • region.fips is the FIPS (Federal Information Processing Standard) code for this state.
  • counties is an array of all counties this ZIP code covers according to the USPS.
  • Each county has a fips property that when combined with region.fips gives the full FIPS code for the county. ("47065" in the example above.)
  • type is one of:
    • STANDARD: a normal ZIP code
    • POBOX: only applies to Post Office Boxes, not street addresses
    • MILITARY: used to route mail for the US military
    • UNIQUE: only applies to a single entity such as 20505 for the CIA in Washington, DC

You can also get data for each US state and some territories, as well as US counties and cities. The URL structures are:

  • States: // (Example: /tn/)
  • Counties: /// (Example: /tn/hamilton/)
  • Cities: /// (Example: /tn/chattanooga/)

Hat tip to Ziptastic.

Data compiled from US Census Bureau, US Department of Housing and Urban Development and

Changes in version 2

  • zipcode is now postal_code
  • locality is now the USPS primary city
  • added localities, counties and region.fips
  • generated files for all non ZIP codes between 00000-99999 that return an empty object (prevents issues with detecting 404 errors via JSONP)

Changes in version 3

  • updated data sources
  • changed to
  • now outputs state, county and city files