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Release 0.1.0 ("Hello, world!")
+ Make the classic "Hello, world!" example run on all supported platforms.
- Implement <assert.h> so that the test harness can be made useful:
- <signal.h>: raise().
~ <stdlib.h>: abort().
- <assert.h>: assert().
~ Implement more of <stdio.h>:
~ <stdio.h>: feof(), fgetc(), getc(), getchar().
- Implement more of <stdlib.h>:
~ <stdlib.h>: _Exit(), exit(), atexit().
~ <stdlib.h>: quick_exit(), at_quick_exit().
- <stdlib.h>: char* getenv(const char* name), environ.
+ <stdlib.h>: abs(), labs(), llabs().
- <stdlib.h>: div(), ldiv(), lldiv().
- Implement all of <string.h>.
- Publish the manual on the website.
- Add more compilers to the Travis CI build matrix.
Other Priorities
- <errno.h> macros should correspond to the platform's numeric values.
- Detect support for __attribute__((weak)) and use it in sys/none/.
- malloc(), calloc(), realloc(), free() for all supported platforms.
Platform Support
- Solaris 11.2 on x86-64 currently requires: ./configure CC='gcc -std=c99 -m64'
- Autodetect the compiler's C11 or C99 support, setting -std=c11 or -std=c99.
Nice to Have
- Sphinx :doc: cross-references ought not to get rendered with <em> tags.
- fmemopen()
- open_memstream()
- brk(), sbrk() [removed in POSIX.1-2001]!topic/comp.unix.programmer/TUSc7U0UfxY
GNU Extensions
- fopencookie()
- secure_getenv()
Linux Extensions
BSD Extensions
- strlcpy(), strlcat()
- reallocarray()
- arc4random(), arc4random_buf(), arc4random_uniform(), using ChaCha20
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