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automated srr (rescene) verification and reconstruction.
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a cross-platform python2 script for automated srr (rescene) verification and reconstruction.

  • fetches srrs from:
  • verifies sfv files and reconstructs rars and samples if required.
  • ability to identify and process extracted files (video only).




  • for reconstruction of compressed rars it is required that you have run included with pyrescene -- also see --rar-dir option.
  • running Goober's awescript with: '--no-srr --no-srs' is recommended before processing with rescepy.
  • releases determined to be fixes (eg. DiRFiX, SUBFiX, etc.) are skipped to avoid problems.
  • pyrescene must be installed (with to allow for the importing of its modules.
  • windows users: ensure all dependencies are included in your PATH.

  • had to fork this due to losing access to my original github and email accounts over a year ago.

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