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Try a single WPS PIN Pixie Dust attack without monitor mode with wpa_supplicant
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OneShot performs Pixie Dust attack without having to switch to monitor mode.




Installing requirements

sudo apt install -y python3 wpasupplicant iw wget

Installing Pixiewps

Ubuntu 18.04 and above or Debian 10 and above

sudo apt install -y pixiewps

Other versions

sudo apt install -y build-essential unzip
wget && unzip
cd pixiewps*/
sudo make install

Getting OneShot

cd ~

Optional: getting a list of vulnerable to pixie dust devices for highlighting in scan results:


Usage <arguments>
 Required Arguments:
    -i, --interface=<wlan0>  : Name of the interface to use

Optional Arguments:
    -b, --bssid=<mac>        : BSSID of the target AP
    -p, --pin=<wps pin>      : Use the specified pin (arbitrary string or 4/8 digit pin)
    -K, --pixie-dust         : Run Pixie Dust attack
    -F, --force              : Run Pixiewps with --force option (bruteforce full range)
    -X                       : Alway print Pixiewps command
    -v                       : Verbose output

Usage example

Start Pixie Dust attack on a specified BSSID:

sudo python3 -i wlan0 -b 00:90:4C:C1:AC:21 -K

Show avaliable networks and start Pixie Dust attack on a specified network:

sudo python3 -i wlan0 -K


Special Thanks

  • Monohrom for testing, help in catching bugs, some ideas;
  • Wiire for developing Pixiewps.
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