Probabilistic data structures and algorithms for hive
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Probabilistic Hive (Alpha)

Probabilistic data structures and algorithms in hive. Currently only implemented hyperloglog.


-- estimate the cardinality of SELECT * FROM src GROUP BY col1, col2;
SELECT hll(col1, col2).cardinality from src;

-- create hyperloglog cache per hour
FROM input_table src
  INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE hll_cache PARTITION (d='2015-03-01',h='00')
  SELECT hll(col1,col2) WHERE d='2015-03-01' AND h='00'
  INSERT OVERWRITE TABLE hll_cache PARTITION (d='2015-03-01',h='01')
  SELECT hll(col1,col2) WHERE d='2015-03-01' AND h='01'

-- read the cache and calculate the cardinality of full day
SELECT hll(hll_col).cardinality from hll_cache WHERE d='2015-03-01;'

-- unpack hive hll struct and make it readable by postgres-hll, js-hll developed by Aggregate Knowledge, Inc.
SELECT hll_col.signature from hll_cache WHERE d='2015-03-01';


mvn package
scp target/hive-probabilistic-utils-0.0.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar your-hive-server

In your hive shell:

ADD JAR /path/to/your/uploaded/jar;
CREATE TEMPORARY FUNCTION hll AS 'org.idryman.hive.HyperLogLog';

-- Now the function is loaded, use the example in SYNOPSIS
DESC EXTENDED FUNCTION hll; -- show function doc

Road Map

  • Lossy count -> estimate top-k element
  • Count-sketch -> frequency estimate
  • Moment/Entropy estimate -> AMS or others


  • No test! BeeTest should be the way to go.
  • make function configurable (only available after hive 0.11.0)
  • Currently using hadoop seriailzied binary as the input (for performance purpose), but this may be incompatible to the downstream (postres-hll, js-hll). Value to hyperloglog mapping should be deterministic across all platform.



CopyRight 2015 Felix Chern ALv2