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Real Fortunes


All the wit and wisdom of fortune cookies with none of the calories. 

Real Fortunes turns your iOS device into a nearly-infinite virtual fortune cookie — and unlike other apps, the fortunes you'll see are bona fide fortunes collected (over 10+ years) from real fortune cookies. With over 400 different fortunes (and more being added regularly), you'll be hard-pressed to run out of predictions, sage advice, insightful comments and everything else only fortune cookies can provide.

But Real Fortunes improves on the classic fortune cookie the way only 21st century technology can. Now, when you get a new fortune (by simply tapping, no need to crack your device open), you can quickly save it to your favorites — or use iOS 5's Twitter integration to immediately share it with your friends. Real Fortunes also offers the ability to suppress fortunes from reappearing, so if you come across one that doesn't suit you, you can make sure it doesn't ever try to mess with your karma again.

Download Real Fortunes today, and see what the universe has in store for you — without worrying about the crumbs.

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