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Zheln Woodpecker by Anton from The Noun Project

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Hi, this is Pavel Zhelnov. I founded, an affilitation-free crowdfunded nonprofit Open Evidence Synthesis project, where I check PubMed for daily updates in the Replicated Systematic Review Subset, tag them with AMA specialties, and critically assess the most appealing reviews. I named the project after the zhelna, the black woodpecker, who do the same thing I do: Hit to the core. This is independent research and my primary job, so please consider making a minimal donation as low as $1 either on GitHub Sponsors, Open Collective, Patreon, or via PayPal.

Previously, I ran academic research as a medical school postgraduate while also working as a physician and a medical reviewer but quit to get rid of unfair agendas and fully devote myself to systematic reviews. You can learn more about my research background from my academic profiles at GitHub, OSF, ORCID, LinkedIn, Google Scholar, & ResearchGate. Also, feel free to get in touch either by email or on Twitter.

I currently reside with my dearest wife in the most beautiful city of Saint Petersburg, Russia. In my spare time, I go out or watch anime / listen to opera with friends & family. 🌚 Also, I’m an avid fan of Star Wars!