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Data, Prediction, and Law
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Data, Prediction, and Law

Professor: Jon Marshall

GSI: Aniket Kesari

Developer Team: Keeley Takimoto, Tian Qin, Gibson Chu, Jason Jiang, Keiko Kamei, Tina Nguyen

Labs, Problem Sets, and data for LEGALST-190: Data, Prediction, and Law.

Data, Prediction, and Law is a new Legal Studies seminar that allows students to explore different data sources that scholars and government officials use to make generalizations and predictions in the realm of law. The course will also introduce critiques of predictive techniques in law. Students will apply the statistical and Python programming skills from Foundations of Data Science to examine a traditional social science dataset, “big data” related to law, and legal text data.

Lab Date Summary Data Interact Link
1-18-18 Python, Jupyter, Tables NCVS Incident-Record-Type
1-23-18 Table operations, Scatter Plots, Histograms, Probability NCVS
1-25-18 Empirical Distributions and Hypothesis Testing NCVS
1-30-18 Bootstrap and Confidence Intervals American National Elections Study (ANES) 2016 Election
2-6-18 Intro to Folium us-states.json
2-8-18 Folium: Choropleth Maps us-states.json, US Unemployment October 2012
2-13-18 Folium: Heat Maps us-states.json, US Unemployment October 2012
2-15-18 Folium plugins: Search and Draw us-states.json, US Unemployment October 2012
2-20-18 Intro to Numpy and Scipy: numerical operations None
2-22-18 Intro to Regression and the Test-Train-Validation Split Bike Sharing
2-27-18 Model Selection and Cross Validation Bike Sharing
3-1-18 Text Preprocessing : Stemming, Chunking, Tokenizing UN General Assembly Transcripts
3-6-18 Introduction to Text Analysis : Document-Term Matrix UN General Assembly Transcript
3-13-18 Web Scraping and XML Parsing Old Bailey Online Corpus
3-15-18 Regular Expressions Old Bailey Online Corpus
3-20-18 TF-IDF and Classification: Naive Bayes, Multinomial Logistic, SVM Stack Exchange Queries
3-22-18 Exploratory Data Analysis: Feature Extraction, Visualizations, PCA 2016 US Presidential Campaign Speeches
4-3-18 Neural Nets: Multi-Layered Perceptron, Convolutional Neural Netowkrs MNIST
4-5-18 Word2Vec and Word Embeddings UN General Debate Transcripts
4-10-18 Topic Modeling: Latent Dirichlet Analysis in Gensim and Scikit-learn UN General Debate Transcripts
4-12-18 Text Analysis: Sentiment, Morality, Non-Negative Matric Factorization Old Bailey Online Corpus
4-17-18 Feature Selection Bike Sharing
4-19-18 Decision Trees and Ensemble Methods Bike Sharing
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