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Fall 2018: Introduction to Human Physiology
Jupyter Notebook Python
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MCB 32: Introduction to Human Physiology (Fall 2018)

Binder Binder

Professor: Robin Ball

Development Team: Alex Nakagawa, Anna Nguyen, Elaine Chien, Jason Webb, Samantha Yuhan

This is the official repository of the MCB 32 class at UC Berkeley. The goal of the modules team for this class is to develop comprehensive Jupyter Notebooks for several labs that the students of the class will be conducting.

The assignments for each team member are listed below:

Lab Number Dev. Name Rough Draft Due Status
04 Alex Nakagawa September 17 Final Complete
05 Anna Nguyen September 27 Final Complete
06 Samantha Yuhan October 1 Rough Draft Submitted
08 Elaine Chien October 15 Final Complete
09 Jason Webb October 22 Final Complete
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