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DSW Deployment Example

This example is intended for local setup and testing. For production use there are many more things to do such as authentication, controlling exposed ports (e.g. do not expose ports of postgres and minio), data backups, or using proxy. As it is highly dependent on your use case, consult production deployment with your sysadmin or contact us for professional services.


This is an example deployment of the Data Stewardship Wizard using docker-compose. You can clone the repository and run it with:

$ docker-compose up -d

Then visit localhost:8080 and login as with password password.

We recommend reading the Installation and Configuration chapters in the documentation. After starting the DSW, you can log in using Default User Accounts. The fresh installation does not contain any knowledge model, you can read about how to get the Initial Knowledge Model.

For information on how to use Data Stewardship Wizard, visit our guide.

Important notes

  • Do not expose PostgreSQL and Minio to the internet
  • When you want to use DSW publicly, set up proxy (e.g. Nginx) with a certificate for your domain and change default accounts
  • Set up volume mounted to PostgreSQL and Minio containers for persistent data


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