Hexo theme based by bootstrap, inspired by ewal.net
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Hexo theme based on twitter bootstrap

See Philipps blog for a demo.

Features of this theme

  • optimized for readability (~70 characters per line, enough margin between body and sidebar)
  • done for offline writing: all css and js files are part of the theme, the blog looks the same online as offline
  • ported from the docpad theme of Erv Walter
  • based on twitter bootstrap using LESS and variables.css ⇒ colors should be very easy to customize
  • addthis support
  • about me is a slick bootstrap carousel
  • custom javascripts per page (add them in YAML front matter with scripts: …)
  • captionjs: if you add class="caption" to an image then it gets an automated caption beneath

custom javascript per page

If you need to include a custom javascript on one of your pages add this to front matter:

- /scripts/jquery.dataTables.min.js
- /scripts/table_scroll.js


npm install hexo-renderer-less --save git clone git://github.com/philippkeller/hexo-theme-ewal.git themes/ewal


Execute the following command to update:

cd themes/ewal
git pull