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// PBLine.m
// GitX
// Created by Pieter de Bie on 27-08-08.
// Copyright 2008 __MyCompanyName__. All rights reserved.
#import "PBGitGraphLine.h"
@implementation PBGitGraphLine
@synthesize upper, from, to, colorIndex;
- (id)initWithUpper: (char) u From: (char) f to: (char) t color: (char) c;
upper = u;
from = f;
to = t;
colorIndex = c;
return self;
+ (PBGitGraphLine*) lowerLineFrom:(char) f to: (char) t color: (char) c
return [[PBGitGraphLine alloc] initWithUpper:0 From:f to:t color:c];
+ (PBGitGraphLine*) upperLineFrom:(char) f to: (char) t color: (char) c
return [[PBGitGraphLine alloc] initWithUpper:1 From:f to:t color: c];
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