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Plugin for Compiz which plays an audible bell through libcanberra.
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* Bell plugin for Compiz 0.9x

A simple plugin which lets Compiz make an audible bell sound whenever
X causes the system bell event. Depends on libcanberra.

* How to build

This assumes using a modern, supported version of Ubuntu (such as 11.04). First,
install the dependencies.

  # apt-get install compiz-dev libcanberra-dev ccsm
  # apt-get build-dep compiz

Builds are done out of tree using cmake, like with Compiz proper. If the above
dependencies are met, these instructions should suffice without downloading
the Compiz sourec code.

Clone git repo and then cd into it. Then:

  $ mkdir build
  $ cd build
  $ cmake ..
  $ make && make install

Then restart compiz (log out or back in, or run "unity --replace") and use ccsm to
load the plugin from the Utility section of the plugin list.
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