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A scriptable IRC client in Node.js with a central hub that maintains a persistent connection for you.
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lic is an IRC client/IRC client framework.



A single lic hub will remain connected to IRC for you at all times, and you can “attach” multiple clients to it--called petals--in separate terminals, viewing different channels, queries, or combinations of channels and queries. You can define ‘windows’ that will retain specific combinations of channels and queries, and retain scrollback from them for when you return at a later point.

Unbelievably extensible

lic is extremly extensible through JavaScript, and provides full functionality to construct as complex/powerful an interface as you would like. The hub can run scripts that modify your overall IRC experience, while specific windows (as described above) can be scripted to customize the experience in ways unique to particular groups of channels and queries.

Most crucially, the entire interface itself is built via the scripting API; and you have full access to ncurses-level interface-building functionality to implement everything from timestamps, to nickname hilights, to user lists, to statusbars. You can have an interface as simple as ii or as complex as irssi, entirely through user-built scripts.

Current features

  • Alternate nick support
  • Message throttling
  • SSL support (10 Mar 2012)
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