A simple standalone PHP webapp for updating your status on multiple microblogging services at once. Designed to be easy to setup and use. It could be seen as a personal alternative to a service such as ping.fm
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Duncan Sample


PingMicro is a web-based interface to simplify the process of posting 
status updates to microblogging sites.  It is designed primarily as a
simple personal service, which is why it doesn't currently have any login
system of it's own, so it needs to be put in a secure location with the 
web server.

It currently uses some deprecated API functionality so that the script is 
as simple as possible, rather than using OAuth.


README    - This file
index.php - The application


- PHP with the following features:
  + cURL support


1. Copy the script to your web server

Simply copy index.php into the directory of your choice under your web 
root, you can rename it to whatever you like provided it still has the 
'.php' extension.  Since this is a simplified script, it doesn't have any
security mechanisms built in, so it is recommended to place the script
into a password protected directory.  May hosting providers have a 
facility within their control panel to password protect a directory,
otherwise you will need to follow the instructions that are provided for
your selected web server.  The links below relate to configuring Apache.


2. Add account information

Open index.php with your editor of choice and add the relevant account 
information for the microblogging services you wish to update.  You can
create multiple instances of any of the services by simply copying the
lines relating to that service, changing the service name (eg. 
$api['Qaiku2']) on each line and adding the relevant account details.
Once you have entered your account information, ensure you uncomment (and
add any additional services) to the $post_to[] variable.  This variable
dictates which services are enabled.