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An Atom package to navigate camelCase and snake_case words
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Subword Navigation

An Atom Package - : Github

This package is no longer maintained. The functionality has been merged into Atom starting at v1.0.1. It will not activate and should be uninstalled.

Harness the power of ALT as you battle the mighty camelCase and treacherous snake_case.

This package allows you to move the cursor(s) to beginning and end of words, but also it stops at subwords (camelCase and snake_case).

  • Holding shift will highlight as you move left and right.
  • Along with highlight, you can delete to the previous/next subword.
  • If you have vim-mode enabled, q will be there to assist. As of now, commands can't be called multiple times (eg. v2q doesn't work).
  • Issues and pull requests are welcome.


Linux/Win Left Right
Move around alt-left alt-right
Highlight alt-shift-left alt-shift-right
Delete alt-backspace alt-delete
Mac* Left Right
Move around ctrl-alt-left ctrl-alt-right
Highlight ctrl-alt-shift-left ctrl-alt-shift-right
Delete ctrl-alt-backspace ctrl-alt-delete
Vim-Mode Left Right
Move around Q q
Highlight v Q v q
Delete d Q d q


Requires Atom v0.168.0 and up




* The reason Mac keymaps use ctrl-alt instead of just alt is because Atom already has a keymap set for alt-left and alt-right (move-to-beginning-of-word and move-to-end-of-word).

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