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This is first and foremost a mirror of Malte Rosenau's Mellel2MMD app and xsl file, which allow one to convert a Mellel document into a Multimarkdown document. I used Rosenau's xsl file extensively in the past, but I have not had occasion to use it recently. So I don't know if it works with files produced by recent versions of Mellel.

I'm putting it up here because I noticed that Rosenau's site is down, at least for the moment. This direct link to the download still works. I have several old Mellel documents still lurking on my hard drive, and I don't want to lose the ability to convert them to extended markdown.

But I also could not resist adding a couple of things. First, I've added an xsl file, mellel2pandoc.xsl, for converting directly to Pandoc's extended markdown. It deviates from the mellel2mmd.xsl in the following ways:

  • It generates Pandoc title blocks instead of MMD metadata. (Note that it does not currently support the Date field.)
  • It does not add width and height info to image links.
  • It generates Pandoc-style citations.

I have not tried to rework mellel2mmd.xsl's table support. So for now, mellel2pandoc.xsl generates MMD style tables.

I've also included two shell scripts, mellel2mmd.sh and mellel2pandoc.sh, that are based upon the script included in Rosenau's droplet, Mellel2MMD.app/Contents/Resources/script.

To convert a Mellel document to MMD using mellel2mmd.sh,

$ mellel2mmd.sh path/to/filename.mellel

One limitation of these scripts is that the mellel2mmd.xsl or mellel2pandoc.xsl file must be in the directory from which you execute the script. If you plan to use these scripts a lot, you should probably put your xsl files somewhere (~/.xsl/?) and modify the scripts to point to them via absolute paths.

If you want to use the xsl files directly with xsltproc, just take a look at the scripts; it should be obvious enough what to do.