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Better support for unnumbered sections

In ConTeXt, the canonical method to get unumbered sections is to use

    \title   {Unnumbered chapter}
    \subject {Unnumbered section}
    \subsubject {Unnumbered subsection}

etc. However, pandoc generates \section {...} tags irrespective of whether
`number-sections` is active or not. Personally I think that the default pandoc
output is better than generating `\title`, `\subject`, etc. in the output.

The current patch sets `number=no` for first four level of section heads when
`number-sections` is not set.
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commit 3c7f5f8f1ee5b6bd16f5a4b9e637a4fda03fcdfc 1 parent 4594c7e
@adityam adityam authored
Showing with 8 additions and 3 deletions.
  1. +8 −3 default.context
11 default.context
@@ -16,9 +16,14 @@
-\setuphead[section] [style=\tfc$if(number-sections)$$else$,number=no$endif$]
-\setuphead[subsection] [style=\tfb$if(number-sections)$$else$,number=no$endif$]
+\setuphead[chapter] [style=\tfd]
+\setuphead[section] [style=\tfc]
+\setuphead[subsection] [style=\tfb]
+\setuphead[chapter, section, subsection, subsubsection][number=no]
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