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Use of iTunes and TicketMaster of API to list local concerts and play their music
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Find Local Concerts

An application that allows users to find local concerts with use of the TicketMaster and iTunes API's. Users an search by city and find local concerts and play a sample of the music.

Live App


Starting at the Landing page, the user is able to type a city in the search bar and press 'Go!'. This redirects the user to the Results page. The Results page lists 10 concerts in the selected city. If the user clicks on 'Play Music', an audio player appears with a sample of the artists top track on iTunes. If the user instead clicks 'Buy Tickets', a new tab opens allowing the user to purchase tickets on TicketMaster. Using the search bar on the Results page will replace the previous results with new results based on the search term. The 'Find Local Concerts' header on the Results page may be clicked to return to the Landing Page.

Built With

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • RapidAPI


Landing Page

Results Page

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