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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Extract the names of the sprites of each sprite map in a CleverCSS."""
import sys
import clevercss
# This is *a little* ugly, but ISTM there are no really great solutions here.
# Pick your poision, sort of.
clevercss.Parser.sprite_map_cls = clevercss.AnnotatingSpriteMap
# Run the file through the parser so the annotater catches it all.
fname = sys.argv[1]
clevercss.convert(open(fname, "U").read(), fname=fname)
# Then extract the sprite names. Should probably add output options here.
for smap, sprites in clevercss.AnnotatingSpriteMap.all_used_sprites():
map_name = smap.map_fname.to_string(None)
sprite_names = " ".join( for s in sprites)
print "%s: %s" % (map_name, sprite_names)