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CoffeeCup -- CoffeeScript WSGI Middleware

CoffeeCup is Python WSGI middleware wrapper to transparently compile CoffeeScript into JavaScript on demand. CoffeeCup is intended to speed development; you really ought to manually compile your scripts before deployment to production like a good engineer.


  • Supports the coffee executable's ability to watch for changes in the background, recompiling files as needed.
  • Can discover .coffee files at startup for watching...
  • ...Or can dynamically update the set of files to watch as requests come in.


CoffeeCup depends on CoffeeScript, which depends on node.js.

With that done, clone this repo and install the egg:

git clone git://
pip install -e ./coffeecup/

I'll upload it to pypi eventually.


The CoffeeScriptMiddleware takes optional arguments on instantiation:

  • static_dir: Path to directory holding static files. [Default: Introspected using Pylons app config if available]
  • coffee_cmd: Path to the coffee executable. [Default: /usr/local/bin/coffee]
  • watch: Whether to watch for changes. [Default: True]
  • find_on_startup: Whether to search the supplied static directory for .coffee files to watch and compile. [Default: False]

The middleware will also add several keys to the environ if it modifies the request:

  • coffeecup.new_path: The new request path that CoffeeCup set PATH_INFO to.
  • coffeecup.original_path: The original request path, taken from PATH_INFO.
  • coffeecup.real_path: The real filesystem path compiled (if necessary) to serve this request.

Usage in Pylons

Pylons has awesome support for middleware, making this process totally transparent once set up.

First, edit your config/ file, to filter your static files through CoffeeCup:

if asbool(static_files):
    # Serve static files
    static_app = StaticURLParser(config['pylons.paths']['static_files'])
    static_app = CoffeeScriptMiddleware(static_app, config)
    app = Cascade([static_app, app])

You may pass any of the additional config options listed above as keyword arguments when you instantiate the CoffeeScriptMiddleware.

Usage in Other WSGI Stacks

The only serious difference will be that you must specify the static directory manually:

app = MyApp()
app = CoffeeScriptMiddleware(app, static_dir='/path/to/static/files')

As before, you can still pass other options.


  • At the moment, the CoffeeScriptMiddleware currently only handles requests for static files, and determines which files to compile by file extension. It would make sense to add support to match on any request pattern, filtering the output stream through coffee.
  • Requests will never recompile .coffee files if a .js counterpart exists, instead relying on the watcher. I can see a few cases where you'd want a staleness criterion or an override flag instead of relying on the watcher.


Open a ticket on github or send me an email at