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  • Validate compiler module exists on startup in a way that still allows @wraps to work right
  • Restructure middleware responder to use events to trigger compiler phases, remove seq due to need of @die. (State machine?)
  • Allow nested enabled list for a more sane cascade
    • Rename enabled to compilers
    • Allow entries in compilers to be an identifier or a options/config object
  • Add post-write() cleanup/finally event (which fires whether successful or not).
  • Compile ./src (coco) -> ./lib (js)
  • Move compilers to lib/


  • GitHub site with introduction, documentation.
  • examples:
    • simple usage
      • with connect
      • with express
    • recursive compiling (CommonJS, Uglify; @wraps)
    • custom compilers
      • extending an existing compiler
  • per-compiler documentation, options

New Compilers

  • Haml
  • yaml-js
  • Bundler: cat together multiple files (recursive compiler)