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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
title="dygraphs Gadget"
description="Interactive, zoomable chart"
author="Dan Vanderkam"
<Require feature="idi" />
<Require feature="locked-domain" />
<UserPref name="_table_query_url" display_name="Data source url" required="true"/>
<UserPref name="_table_query_refresh_interval" display_name="Data refresh interval (minutes)" default_value="300" datatype="enum" required="false">
<EnumValue value="0" display_value="Do not refresh"/>
<EnumValue value="60" display_value="1"/>
<EnumValue value="300" display_value="5"/>
<EnumValue value="1800" display_value="30"/>
<UserPref name="_dg_rollPeriod" display_name="Roll Period" required="false" default_value="1" />
<UserPref name="_dg_showRoller" display_name="Show Roller" required="false" default_value="false" datatype="bool" />
<UserPref name="_dg_minY" display_name="Min Y Value" required="false" default_value="" />
<UserPref name="_dg_maxY" display_name="Max Y Value" required="false" default_value="" />
<UserPref name="_dg_kmb" display_name="KMB labels" required="false" default_value="false" datatype="bool" />
<UserPref name="_dg_errorbars" display_name="Error Bars" required="false" default_value="false" datatype="bool" />
<UserPref name="_dg_fillGraph" display_name="Fill Chart" required="false" default_value="false" datatype="bool" />
<Content type="html"><![CDATA[
<!-- Load the Google common loader, that is later used to load the Visualization API. -->
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
<div id="chartdiv" style="overflow: auto;"><img src="" /></div>
var gadgetHelper = null;
var table = null;
var kPadding = 5; // pixels of padding on any side of the chart.
* Load the Google Visualization API
function loadVisualizationAPI() {
google.load("visualization", "1");
* Create a query from the user prefs, and then send it to the data source.
* This method is called once the visualization API is fully loaded.
* Note that in the last line, a callback function is specified to be
* called once the response is received from the data source.
function sendQuery() {
var prefs = new _IG_Prefs(); // User preferences
var chartDiv = _gel('chartdiv'); = (document.body.clientWidth - 2 * kPadding) + 'px'; = (document.body.clientHeight - 2 * kPadding) + 'px'; = kPadding + 'px'; = kPadding + 'px'; = 'absolute';
chart = new DateGraph.GVizChart(chartDiv);
gadgetHelper = new google.visualization.GadgetHelper();
var query = gadgetHelper.createQueryFromPrefs(prefs);
* Query response handler function.
* Called by the Google Visualization API once the response is received.
* Takes the query response and formats it as a table.
function handleQueryResponse(response) {
// Use the visualization GadgetHelper class to validate the data, and
// for error handling.
if (!gadgetHelper.validateResponse(response)) {
// Default error handling was done, just leave.
var data = response.getDataTable();
// Take the data table from the response, and format it.
// var options = {showRowNumber: true};
var prefs = new _IG_Prefs(); // User preferences
var showRoller = prefs.getBool("_dg_showRoller");
var rollPeriod = prefs.getInt("_dg_rollPeriod");
var labelsKMB = prefs.getBool("_dg_kmb");
var errorBars = prefs.getBool("_dg_errorbars");
var fillGraph = prefs.getBool("_dg_fillGraph");
var opts = {
showRoller: showRoller,
rollPeriod: rollPeriod,
labelsKMB: labelsKMB,
errorBars: errorBars,
fillGraph: fillGraph
var minY = prefs.getString("_dg_minY");
var maxY = prefs.getString("_dg_maxY");
if (minY && maxY) {
opts.valueRange = [parseInt(minY), parseInt(maxY)];
chart.draw(data, opts);