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PyQuery: a jQuery-like library for Python

PyQuery allows you to make jQuery-style CSS-selector queries on XML/HTML documents. The API is intended to match jQuery's API whenever possible, though it has been made more Pythonic where appropriate.

This project is a fork of the original PyQuery developed by Olivier Lauzanne in 2008; it is maintained by David Schoonover. Feedback and bug reports are both very welcome over on github.


You can use the PyQuery class to load an xml document from a string, a lxml document, from a file or from an url:

>>> from pyquery import PyQuery as pq
>>> from lxml import etree
>>> import urllib
>>> d = pq("<html></html>")
>>> d = pq(etree.fromstring("<html></html>"))
>>> d = pq(url='')
>>> # d = pq(url='', opener=lambda url: urllib.urlopen(url).read())
>>> d = pq(filename=path_to_html_file)

Now d is like the $ object in jQuery:

>>> d("#hello")
>>> p = d("#hello")
>>> print(p.html())
Hello world !
>>> p.html("you know <a href=''>Python</a> rocks")
>>> print(p.html())
you know <a href="">Python</a> rocks
>>> print(p.text())
you know Python rocks

You can use some of the pseudo classes that are available in jQuery but that are not standard in css such as :first, :last, :even, :odd, :eq, :lt, :gt, :checked, :selected, and :file.

>>> d('p:first')


  • PyQuery uses lxml for fast XML and HTML manipulation.
  • This is not a library to produce or interact with JavaScript code. If that's what you need, check out