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Useful scripts when working with source control.
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SCM Scripts

Useful scripts when working with source control (mostly svn, but also git) from the shell.


  • -- Extracts the repository URL from a svn or git-svn working path.
  • -- Opens a working copy in its Trac repository browser. Set the trac hostname in .trac_host at the repo root, or globally with $TRAC_HOST.
  •,, -- Wrappers around the verbose syntax for editing svn:externals, svn:ignore, and svn:keywords respectively.
  • -- Calls svn up on all direct children of a directory which are svn working copies.
  • -- Prints svn status without any of the noise from externals.

Env Variables

  • $SCM_SCRIPTS_BASE -- Directory which holds these scripts and their resources. Set this when you want to alias the scripts to some other path.
  • $TRAC_HOST -- Defualt hostname used by to open a working copy in your browser.
  • $SVN_KEYWORD_FILE -- File containing default keywords to set with Defaults to $SCM_SCRIPTS_BASE/keywords.txt.
  • $SVN_UP_PROJECTS -- Default directory to use for when none is specified.


Open an issue here, or email me at

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