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SHPAML - A productive HTML generator (like HAML but in Python)

SHPAML is a mini language that can help you to build web pages more quickly. It leverages familiar concepts from HTML and CSS, while striving to bring brevity and clarity to the primary documents that you edit. It plays nice with templating languages. It was written by Steve Howell.

This repo is a clone of the source available at the SHPAML website, with minor modifications by Dave Schoonover for egging.

Please see the site for authorative info (like examples, docs, license, etc).

Installing from Github

To install:

$ git clone git://
$ python shpaml/ install

Or with pip:

$ pip install -e git://

Or with easy_install:

$ git clone git://
$ easy_install shpaml

They all end up doing the same thing, more or less.