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# changelog
## 2009-10-28 0.33
* form.Button takes optional argument `html`
* remove obsolete write function in (tx Justin) (Bug#315337)
* refactor httpserver.runsimple code
* improve for customizability
* new: add background updating to memoize
* fix: use sendmail from web.config.sendmail_path (tx Daniel Schwartz)
* fix: make web.profiler work on Windows (tx asmo) (Bug#325139)
* fix changequery to make it work correctly even when the input has multi-valued fields (Bug#118229)
* fix: make sure sequence exists before queying for currval(seqname) when executing postgres insert query (Bug#268705)
* fix: raise web.notfound() instead of return in autodelegate (tx SeC)
* fix: raise NotSupportedError when len or bool is used on sqlite result (Bug#179644)
* fix: make db paramater optional for creating postgres DB to allow taking it from environ. (Bug#153491)
* fix unicode errors in db module
* fix: convert unicode strings to UTF8 before printing SQL queries
* fix unicode error in debugerror
* fix: don't convert file upload data to unicode even when file={} is not passed to web.input
* fix checkbox value/checked confusion (Bug#128233)
* fix: consider empty lines as part of the indented block in templetor
* fix: fix a bug in
## 2009-06-04 0.32
* optional from_address to web.emailerrors
* upgrade wsgiserver to CherryPy/3.1.2
* support for extensions in Jinja2 templates (tx Zhang Huangbin)
* support web.datestr for objects also
* support for lists in db queries
* new: uniq and iterview
* fix: set debug=False when application is run with mod_wsgi (tx Patrick Swieskowski) [Bug#370904](
* fix: make web.commify work with decimals [Bug#317204](
* fix: unicode issues with sqlite database [Bug#373219](
* fix: urlquote url when the server is lighttpd [Bug#339858](
* fix: issue with using date.format in templates
* fix: use TOP instead of LIMIT in mssql database [Bug#324049](
* fix: make sessions work well with expirations
* fix: accept both list and tuple as arg values in form.Dropdown [Bug#314970](
* fix: match parenthesis when parsing `for` statement in templates
* fix: fix python 2.3 compatibility
* fix: ignore dot folders when compiling templates (tx Stuart Langridge)
* fix: don't consume KeyboardInterrupt and SystemExit errors
* fix: make application work well with iterators
## 2008-12-10: 0.31
* new: browser module
* new: test utilities
* new: ShelfStore
* fix: web.cookies error when default is None
* fix: paramstyle for OracleDB (tx kromakey)
* fix: performance issue in SQLQuery.join
* fix: use wsgi.url_scheme to find ctx.protocol
## 2008-12-06: 0.3
* new: replace print with return (<i>backward-incompatible</i>)
* new: application framework (<i>backward-incompatible</i>)
* new: modular database system (<i>backward-incompatible</i>)
* new: templetor reimplementation
* new: better unicode support
* new: debug mode (web.config.debug)
* new: better db pooling
* new: sessions
* new: support for GAE
* new: etag support
* new: web.openid module
* new: web.nthstr
* fix: various fixes
* fix: python 2.6 compatibility
* fix: file uploads are not loaded into memory
* fix: SQLLiteral issue (Bug#180027)
* change: web.background is moved to experimental (<i>backward-incompatible</i>)
* improved API doc generation (tx Colin Rothwell)
## 2008-01-19: 0.23
* fix: for web.background gotcha ([133079](
* fix: for postgres unicode bug ([177265](
* fix: web.profile behavior in python 2.5 ([133080](
* fix: only uppercase HTTP methods are allowed. ([176415](
* fix: transaction error in with statement ([125118](
* fix: fix in web.reparam ([162085](
* fix: various unicode issues ([137042](, [180510](, [180549](, [180653](
* new: support for https
* new: support for secure cookies
* new: sendmail
* new: htmlunquote
## 2007-08-23: 0.22
* compatibility with new DBUtils API ([122112](
* fix reloading ([118683](
* fix compatibility between `changequery` and `redirect` ([118234](
* fix relative URI in `web.redirect` ([118236](
* fix `ctx._write` support in built-in HTTP server ([121908](
* fix `numify` strips things after '.'s ([118644](
* fix various unicode isssues ([114703](, [120644](, [124280](
## 2007-05-28: 0.21
* <strong>security fix:</strong> prevent bad characters in headers
* support for cheetah template reloading
* support for form validation
* new `form.File`
* new `web.url`
* fix rendering issues with hidden and button inputs
* fix 2.3 incompatability with `numify`
* fix multiple headers with same name
* fix web.redirect issues when homepath is not /
* new CherryPy wsgi server
* new nested transactions
* new sqlliteral
## 2006-05-09: 0.138
* New function: `intget`
* New function: `datestr`
* New function: `validaddr`
* New function: `sqlwhere`
* New function: `background`, `backgrounder`
* New function: `changequery`
* New function: `flush`
* New function: `load`, `unload`
* New variable: `loadhooks`, `unloadhooks`
* Better docs; generating [docs](documentation) from now
* global variable `REAL_SCRIPT_NAME` can now be used to work around lighttpd madness
* fastcgi/scgi servers now can listen on sockets
* `output` now encodes Unicode
* `input` now takes optional `_method` argument
* <strong>Potentially-incompatible change:</strong> `input` now returns `badrequest` automatically when `requireds` aren't found
* `storify` now takes lists and dictionaries as requests (see docs)
* `redirect` now blanks any existing output
* Quote SQL better when `db_printing` is on
* Fix delay in `nomethod`
* Fix `urlquote` to encode better.
* Fix 2.3 incompatibility with `iters` (tx ??)
* Fix duplicate headers
* Improve `storify` docs
* Fix `IterBetter` to raise IndexError, not KeyError
## 2006-03-27: 0.137
* Add function `dictfindall` (tx Steve Huffman)
* Add support to `autodelegate` for arguments
* Add functions `httpdate` and `parsehttpdate`
* Add function `modified`
* Add support for FastCGI server mode
* Clarify `dictadd` documentation (tx Steve Huffman)
* Changed license to public domain
* Clean up to use `ctx` and `env` instead of `context` and `environ`
* Improved support for PUT, DELETE, etc. (tx list)
* Fix `ctx.fullpath` (tx Jesir Vargas)
* Fix sqlite support (tx Dubhead)
* Fix documentation bug in `lstrips` (tx Gregory Petrosyan)
* Fix support for IPs and ports (1/2 tx Jesir Vargas)
* Fix `ctx.fullpath` (tx Jesir Vargas)
* Fix sqlite support (tx Dubhead)
* Fix documentation bug in `lstrips` (tx Gregory Petrosyan)
* Fix `iters` bug with sets
* Fix some breakage introduced by Vargas's patch
* Fix `sqlors` bug
* Fix various small style things (tx Jesir Vargas)
* Fix bug with `input` ignoring GET input
## 2006-02-22: 0.136 (svn)
* Major code cleanup (tx to Jesir Vargas for the patch).
* 2006-02-15: 0.135
* Really fix that mysql regression (tx Sean Leach).
* 2006-02-15: 0.134
* The `StopIteration` exception is now caught. This can be used by functions that do things like check to see if a user is logged in. If the user isn't, they can output a message with a login box and raise StopIteration, preventing the caller from executing.
* Fix some documentation bugs.
* Fix mysql regression (tx mrstone).
## 2006-02-12: 0.133
* Docstrings! (tx numerous, esp. Jonathan Mark (for the patch) and Guido van Rossum (for the prod))
* Add `set` to web.iters.
* Make the `len` returned by `query` an int (tx ??).
* <strong>Backwards-incompatible change:</strong> `base` now called `prefixurl`.
* <strong>Backwards-incompatible change:</strong> `autoassign` now takes `self` and `locals()` as arguments.
## 2006-02-07: 0.132
* New variable `iters` is now a listing of possible list-like types (currently list, tuple, and, if it exists, Set).
* New function `dictreverse` turns `{1:2}` into `{2:1}`.
* `Storage` now a dictionary subclass.
* `tryall` now takes an optional prefix of functions to run.
* `sqlors` has various improvements.
* Fix a bunch of DB API bugs.
* Fix bug with `storify` when it received multiple inputs (tx Ben Woosley).
* Fix bug with returning a generator (tx Zbynek Winkler).
* Fix bug where len returned a long on query results (tx F.S).
## 2006-01-31: 0.131 (not officially released)
* New function `_interpolate` used internally for interpolating strings.
* Redone database API. `select`, `insert`, `update`, and `delete` all made consistent. Database queries can now do more complicated expressions like `$` and `${a+b}`. You now have to explicitly pass the dictionary to look up variables in. Pass `vars=locals()` to get the old functionality of looking up variables .
* New functions `sqllist` and `sqlors` generate certain kinds of SQL.
## 2006-01-30: 0.13
* New functions `found`, `seeother`, and `tempredirect` now let you do other kinds of redirects. `redirect` now also takes an optional status parameter. (tx many)
* New functions `expires` and `lastmodified` make it easy to send those headers.
* New function `gone` returns a 410 Gone (tx David Terrell).
* New function `urlquote` applies url encoding to a string.
* New function `iterbetter` wraps an iterator and allows you to do __getitem__s on it.
* Have `query` return an `iterbetter` instead of an iterator.
* Have `debugerror` show tracebacks with the innermost frame first.
* Add `__hash__` function to `threadeddict` (and thus, `ctx`).
* Add `` value for the requested host name.
* Add option `db_printing` that prints database queries and the time they take.
* Add support for database pooling (tx Steve Huffman).
* Add support for passing values to functions called by `handle`. If you do `('foo', 'value')` it will add `'value'` as an argument when it calls `foo`.
* Add support for scgi (tx David Terrell for the patch).
* Add support for functions that are iterators (tx Brendan O'Connor for the patch).
* Use new database cursors on each call instead of reusing one.
* `setcookie` now takes an optional `domain` argument.
* Fix bug in autoassign.
* Fix bug where `debugerror` would break on objects it couldn't display.
* Fix bug where you couldn't do `#include`s inline.
* Fix bug with `reloader` and database calls.
* Fix bug with `reloader` and base templates.
* Fix bug with CGI mode on certain operating systems.
* Fix bug where `debug` would crash if called outside a request.
* Fix bug with `context.ip` giving weird values with proxies.
## 2006-01-29: 0.129
* Add Python 2.2 support.
## 2006-01-28: 0.128
* Fix typo in `web.profile`.
## 2006-01-28: 0.127
* Fix bug in error message if invalid dbn is sent (tx Panos Laganakos).
## 2006-01-27: 0.126
* Fix typos in Content-Type headers (tx Beat Bolli for the prod).
## 2006-01-22: 0.125
* Support Cheetah 2.0.
## 2006-01-22: 0.124
* Fix spacing bug (tx Tommi Raivio for the prod).
## 2006-01-16: 0.123
* Fix bug with CGI usage (tx Eddie Sowden for the prod).
## 2006-01-14: 0.122
* Allow DELETEs from `web.query` (tx Joost Molenaar for the prod).
## 2006-01-08: 0.121
* Allow import of submodules like `` (tx Sridhar Ratna).
* Fix a bug in `update` (tx Sergey Khenkin).
## 2006-01-05: 0.12
* <strong>Backwards-incompatible change:</strong> `db_parameters` is now a dictionary.
* <strong>Backwards-incompatible change:</strong> `sumdicts` is now `dictadd`.
* Add support for PyGreSQL, MySQL (tx Hallgrimur H. Gunnarsson).
* Use HTML for non-Cheetah error message.
* New function `htmlquote()`.
* New function `tryall()`.
* `ctx.output` can now be set to a generator. (tx Brendan O'Connor)
## 2006-01-04: 0.117
* Add support for psycopg 1.x. (tx Gregory Price)
## 2006-01-04: 0.116
* Add support for Python 2.3. (tx Evan Jones)
## 2006-01-04: 0.115
* Fix some bugs where database queries weren't reparameterized. Oops!
* Fix a bug where `run()` wasn't getting the right functions.
* Remove a debug statement accidentally left in.
* Allow `storify` to be used on dictionaries. (tx Joseph Trent)
## 2006-01-04: 0.114
* Make `reloader` work on Windows. (tx manatlan)
* Fix some small typos that affected colorization. (tx Gregory Price)
## 2006-01-03: 0.113
* Reorganize `run()` internals so mod_python can be used. (tx Nicholas Matsakis)
## 2006-01-03: 0.112
* Make `reloader` work when `` is called with a full path. (tx David Terrell)
## 2006-01-03: 0.111
* Fixed bug in `strips()`. (tx Michael Josephson)
## 2006-01-03: 0.11
* First public version.