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: Copyright 2010 Mark Logic Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
xquery version "1.0-ml";
declare namespace ai="api-install";
try {
let $name := xdmp:get-request-field("app")
let $noappserver := xdmp:get-request-field("noappserver")
return (
xdmp:invoke("hooks/uninstall/precommit.xqy", (xs:QName("ai:name"), $name)),
if ($noappserver) then () else xdmp:invoke("delete-http-server.xqy", (xs:QName("ai:name"), $name)),
xdmp:invoke("detach-forest.xqy", (xs:QName("ai:name"), $name)),
xdmp:invoke("delete-database.xqy", (xs:QName("ai:name"), $name)),
xdmp:invoke("delete-forest.xqy", (xs:QName("ai:name"), $name)),
xdmp:invoke("hooks/uninstall/incommit.xqy", (xs:QName("ai:name"), $name)),
<div> Uninstall complete </div>)
} catch ($e) {
<div class="error-triggers">
<h3>Error in your supplied triggers</h3>
<div class="error-stack-trace"> { $e } </div>
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