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- NEEDS gcc
- NEEDS build-essentials (didn't even know you could get gcc without this until i installed ubuntu)
- In ubuntu you can: sudo apt-get install libglu1-mesa-dev freeglut3-dev mesa-common-dev libX11-dev libXi-dev libXmu-dev
Other systems refer to
Type make in your console. Yes you need to be in the directory. doh! :P
./isdGFX <configfile>
Files with numbers are sample config files.
Edit them with your favorite ... editor thingy.
Heres how they look in the inside.
ro: 28
sigma: 10
beta: 2.667
dt: 0.01
maxiters: 50000
colorscheme: 15
style: 3
SPACE : Start/Stop
Q : Quit
ESC : Quit
A : Increase Rayleigh number by 0.5.
Z : Decrease Rayleigh number by 0.5.
C : Change Color Scheme
S : Change Style
T : Changes tranparency value by 0.05;
O : Allows transparency indexed by sin. Thanks to mik :\ :o Tretas Suckz!
UP : Look up
DOWN : Look down
RIGHT : Look right
LEFT : Look Left
PAGEUP : Walk foward
PAGEDOWN: Walk back
Will not explain all the parameters (check here:
Maxiters is the number of iterations you want to perform. (Go on, read wikipedia.)
First i had no limit but the malloc was very hard to do then :P
Probably because im a rookie! Right Ulisses? :D
If your still interested keep on reading. Keep on:D Crasy person as borat would of said!
AKA the gayness.
Its possible that more are available at the time your using this. Im always trying new colors :P
1: Blue to Yellow (transformation lasts the same time as the animation)
2: Blue to White (transformation lasts the same time as the animation)
3: Green to White (transformation lasts the same time as the animation)
4: Red to White (transformation lasts the same time as the animation)
5: Black to White (transformation lasts the same time as the animation. copy/paste rocks!:D)
6: Random RED value (as in RGB, RED=rand GREEN=0 BLUE=0)
7: Green to Red (transformation lasts the same time as the animation)
8: Blue to Red (transformation lasts the same time as the animation)
9: To show that the Pythagorean Theorem can be used to acheive results.
10: Like Yellow?
11: Blue, dark blue. Using sine.
12: Cute followup thingy. Try it :\
13: Blue/Green/sin/whatever.
14: Another followup. Easier on the eyes. Too much green?
15: This application would core dump without the red followup.
16: Cool effect on the color spectrum.
17: Red based cool smooth effect.
18: Same for green.
19: Same for blue.
20: Totally psychedelic crasyness. Need to explain? ALL RANDOM! Just as mom taught you. (I must be really sleepy)
For no style, pick a different application.
1: Dotted
2: Dashed
3: Solid
This code sucks, why?
Thats because I made it.
Why are there functions that were not implemented?
Because I'm lasy. Who cares about errors anyway? :P
You suck!
That's not realy a question but.. Thanks!
If you are crasy and you change something in here, let me know. :)
Theres no licence in this file. You can do whatever you please with everything except this readme file.
It's my own. My precious.... I'm serious, get out of my readme file. ITS MINE!
Brought to you by the (drunk|stoned|stoned and drunk) members of caos (
That's all folks!