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Connect URL with pathname in it #115

Ornthalas opened this Issue November 20, 2012 · 1 comment

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Ornthalas Nuno Job


My co-worker has got a server with a couchdb server not available from the root (aka "/") web directory but from a subdirectory : something like

I couldn't find a way to connect to the DB using nano since it always tries to extract the DB name from the URL (here trying to connect to a "_couch" database), so I patched the JS file in ordre to do that.

Here is the patch file corresponding to my changes:

This way, if you specify a "db" attribute in the constructor of the module, nano appends it to the complete URL, instead of trying to extract the DB name from the URL.

Nuno Job

Hi @Ornthalas — Can you please re open this as a pull request? I want to merge it in but this is not very maintainable this way.

Here is an article on how you can do that:

Please send me the pull request and I'll merge it to nano, and publish a new version you can use

Thank you!

Nuno Job dscape closed this November 20, 2012
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