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Add `opts.qs` to nano.request #126

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In reference to issue #125... Passed existing tests but didn't write any new tests because I think it'd be overkill for this tiny change. If you require them though, just let me know and I'll put one together.

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Commits on Feb 8, 2013
  1. @jlank

    added querystring option to request method so query string parameters…

    jlank authored
    … can be specified for a custom request (such as _uuids?count=10)
  2. @jlank
  3. @jlank
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@@ -313,6 +313,7 @@ makes a request to couchdb, the available `opts` are:
* `opts.doc` – the document name
* `opts.att` – the attachment name
+* `opts.params` – query string parameters, appended after any existing `opts.path`, `opts.doc`, or `opts.att`
* `opts.content_type` – the content type of the request, default to `json`
* `opts.headers` – additional http headers, overrides existing ones
* `opts.body` – the document or attachment body
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