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Welcome to the NetworkingDsc wiki

NetworkingDsc v9.0.0-preview0001

Here you will find all the information you need to make use of the NetworkingDsc DSC resources, including details of the resources that are available, current capabilities and known issues, and information to help plan a DSC based implementation of NetworkingDsc.

Please leave comments, feature requests, and bug reports in then issues section for this module.

Getting started

To get started download NetworkingDsc from the PowerShell Gallery and then unzip it to one of your PowerShell modules folders (such as $env:ProgramFiles\WindowsPowerShell\Modules).

To install from the PowerShell gallery using PowerShellGet (in PowerShell 5.0) run the following command:

Find-Module -Name NetworkingDsc -Repository PSGallery | Install-Module

To confirm installation, run the below command and ensure you see the NetworkingDsc DSC resources available:

Get-DscResource -Module NetworkingDsc

Change Log

A full list of changes in each version can be found in the change log.