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The xFirefox module contains the MSFT_xFirefox composite resource which allows you to install the Firefox web browser

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  • Language: Specify the language of the browser to be installed. The default value is English.
  • VersionNumber: Specify the version number of the browser to be installed. By default, the latest version is installed.
  • OS: Specify the operating system on which the browser is to be installed. By default, the operating system is Windows.
  • MachineBits: Specifies the machine's operating system bit number. The default is x86.
  • LocalPath: The local path on the machine where the installation file should be downloaded.


  • PreferenceType: Specify the type of Preference { Pref | lockPref | defaultPref | unlockPref | clearPref } Specifies the preference type of the Firefox Preference to be configured
  • PreferenceName: Specify the name of the Preference. Specifies the name of the Firefox Preference to be configured
  • PreferenceValue: Specify the value of the Preference. Specifies value of the Firefox Preference to be configured
  • InstallDirectory: Specifies the location where Mozilla Firefox is installed. Specifies the directory where Firefox is installed



  • Update appveyor.yml to use the default template.
  • Added default template files .codecov.yml, .gitattributes, and .gitignore, and .vscode folder.
  • The module manifest now contains the correct PowerShell version.
  • Added xFirefoxPreference Resource to automate Firefox Preference Configuration

  • Added logic to download installer with correct machine bits
  • Added dependency on xPSDesiredStateConfiguration

  • Updated MFST_xFireFox to pull latest version by default and use HTTPS

  • Initial release with the following resources
    • MSFT_xFirefox


Install the Firefox browser

Configuration Sample_InstallFirefoxBrowser






    Import-DscResource -module xFirefox

    MSFT_xFirefox Firefox
    VersionNumber = $VersionNumber
    Language = $Language
    OS = $OS
    LocalPath = $LocalPath


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