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Application Intrusion Detection

This repository is all about Application Intrusion Detection. Have a look at the presentations I've given on this topic or watch the recordings at W-JAX 2015 (German) or JavaZone 2016 (English) for more information.

Duke Encounters

Duke Encounters is a demo web application utilizing Application Intrusion Detection based on OWASP AppSensor. It is using Spring Boot with a h2 in-memory database and a Thymeleaf UI. Keep in mind that all entered information is only stored temporarily and will be reset when restarting the application.

Build and Run

No matter what type you choose, the web application should be available on http://localhost:8080. Any modern browser will work. Most parts of the application require a logged in user. You can either register a new one or use one of the available users listed in the src/main/resources/data.sql file. Username and password are always identical.


Java 8 and Maven 3 are required to run this application. You can run the application with mvn spring-boot:run.


As an alternative, you can use Boxfuse to fuse and launch the app within an immutable image.


And you can use Docker. You can either build the image yourself or pull one from Docker Hub. To build it yourself you have to set a new version for the application via mvn versions:set in the repository root directory (ApplicationIntrusionDetection). Enter (almost) any version number you like. Create the Docker image with mvn package docker:build and launch the container via docker container run -d -p 8080:8080 -t dschadow/duke-encounters.

To pull the latest existing image use docker pull dschadow/duke-encounters. Other versions are available on Docker Hub.


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