A brackets extension to run jasmine testcases from inside the brackets user interface.
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A jasmine extension to run a jasmine test file in Brackets and see the html jasmine results.


  1. Find your extensions folder by going to "Help -> Show Extensions Folder"
  2. Extract the .zip to your Brackets extension directory
  3. Start Brackets and create a jasmine test file to unit test your javascript api
  4. Right click on the jasmine file (a jasmine file is either in a spec/ directory or ends with .spec.js)
  5. Select Run Jasmine Unit Test from the context menu
  6. The results will appear in new window


The intended use is when you are writing jasmine unit tests. The extension gives you quick feedback when writing testcases.

For a quick test open the samples directory in the brackets-jasmine extension directory. Right click on each of the sample-fail.spec.js, sample-pass.spec.js, sample.spec.js files. Select "Run Jasmine Unit Test" and you will see the jasmine test report open up in a new window.

Implementation Notes

The extensions uses the node server to run jasmine-node. The node server uses jasmine-node and xml2js files unmodified. A jasmine unit test is detected by ending with ".spec.js" in the file name or is in specs/ directory.

Let me know if you have any suggestions or issues. Contact me at: dschaffe@adobe.com.

Change Log

03-13-2013 Initial commit