ESP8266-based wireless sensors for the Smart Home
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A sensor node implementation based on the homie-esp8266 project. The connected sensors are made available through MQTT for integration in the smart home platform of your choice.


Supported sensors / actuators:

  • HTU21D temperature and humidity sensor (Sensor connected through I2C)
  • PIR infrared motion sensor (Sensor connected to a digital input pin)
  • Infrared LED to control TVs, etc. (Connected to a digital output pin)

Currently, the following ESP8266 boards are supported:

  • Sparkfun thing
  • WEMOS D1
  • others can easily be added through modifications in hardware.h


  • Download the repository and open the sketch in Arduino IDE
  • Add the following libraries:
    • ArduinoJson (version 5.10.1)
    • Bounce2 (version 2.3.0)
    • Homie (version 1.5.0)
    • PubSubClient (version 2.6.0)
    • IRRemoteESP8266 (version 2.2.1)
  • Select your hardware, compile and upload
  • Follow the homie documentation for configuration of the device