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Gatsby Blog with react-emotion and tailwind components. Site is meant to be tailored for a reading experience - both long form and poetry.
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Adding Markdown Content

Most content is added via markdown files (mdx is supported). Pages are created based on the folder name in the /src/pages/ directory.

Frontmatter is important in determining where the post ends up on the site. Here are some important frontmatter values:

  • path: The url of the post
  • date: The date the post was published
  • description: The meta description of the post. Used for SEO
  • image: The image used for the social media card image. Place the image in the static folder.
  • title: The title of the post. Used for SEO and as the title of the post.
  • tags: Tags to categorize the post
  • type: Currently there are two types of posts - guide and blog. This determines how posts are sorted
  • published: A boolean value that determines whether links are found to the post on the site.
  • Excerpt: A short excerpt of the post. Used on the frontpage.

Using Tailwind

There are two options for implementing tailwind styled components on this site.

  1. Using styled components from react emotion.
import styled from 'react-emotion'

const Button = styled.button(
  tw`bg-white text-blue`

Any tailwind styling will go within the `` following the tw variable.

  1. If the changes are specific to just one instance you can use the css className from react emotion.
import {css} from 'react-emotion'

<h2 className={css(tw`text-center text-blue-dark`)}>Tailwind Heading</h2>

Any tailwind styling will go within the `` following the tw variable.

If you have any questions regarding styling with tailwinds consult the documentation

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