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The pure JavaScript API for constructors, mixins and type testing.
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Pure.js is an API to help create constructors and manage their prototype chain. Pure.js adheres to JavaScript's prototypal nature without introducing new ideas, allowing a greater integration with builtin constructors.


npm install purejs

Or using bower

bower install purejs


To use the component you will have to bundle the component using a tool like Browserify. For example:


var pure = require('purejs')
console.log(typeof pure)

command line:

browserify -t debowerify ./public/modules/app.js > ./public/app.max.js


If you want to run the tests then you will need to do the following:

cd purejs
npm install
npm test


See for the API reference and more info.



  • Update constructor-kit to version 0.1.0


  • Refactor the build process to use Gulp
  • Added Coffeelint to the build process
  • Set main file in bower.json to be NPM module pure.js
  • Require bower consumers to use a tool like Browserify to bundle the module


  • Port source code to be CoffeeScript based
  • Replace constructor.create with constructor-kit function; API is identical to constructor-kit
  • Revamp the build process to use browserify and minify
  • Support UMD module definition
  • Deprecate the following features on constructors: copy constructors, init(), calling constructors without new, setting a name on a constructor
  • Register as a bower component and NPM module


  • Remove dependency on xport since it's deprecated.
  • Clean up the dev dependencies, making it much easier to test.
  • Create make files for minifying and testing.
  • Change the exported name in browsers to Pure instead of PURE.
  • isArray() no longer tests for Array-like objects. Objects are only considered an Array if they have Array in their prototype chain.
  • isObject() now uses the following test: o === Object(o).
  • add isPrimitive() to test for string, number and boolean literals.
  • add create() to create new objects from existing ones.
  • constructor.create: - remove the getName() method on constructors created via Pure.constructor.create(). - In a previous version the name argument was not being used, now it's being used by overriding the created constructor's toString() method. - The name argument no longer defaults to UnnamedConstructor. - If no name argument is given then the created constructor's toString() method is not overridden.
  • Change the unit tests to use Jasmine.
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