A simple platformer game written in Lua and based on the awesome LOVE2D (LÖVE) Framework
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Lava Temple

Lava Temple is a simple platformer game written in Lua and based on the awesome LOVE2D (LÖVE) Framework.

Current Features (v. 0.4.0)

  • Singleplayer
  • Multiplayer
  • Dynamic Light Engine
  • Animated Lava
  • Image-based Levels
  • Multiplatform Support (Mac OS X, Linux, Windows)

How to start the game?


  • Architectural revamp (code-cleanup, better comments, including unit tests and stuff bwahaha)
  • Intro and credits for the game (intro will tell a little story)
  • Use shader to animate lava like a liquid
  • Lava should be emitting sparks
  • Blur shader to simulate heat over lava
  • More detailed player animations
  • More particle effects
  • More levels
  • Add animated lava bubbles
  • Chests will have a function
  • Animated backgrounds (waterfalls and such)
  • More dynamic game world
  • Physics
  • Probably rocks that are falling down - that would increase the difficulty of the game
  • Full screen support. The game should adept to the resolution
  • Fog of war algorithm should be improved further
  • Look-and-feel of menus should be improved
  • Multiplayer chat (Multiplayer)
  • Sounds should be played on all clients (Multiplayer)
  • Particle effects should be shown on every client (Multiplayer)
  • The lava should become a gigantic light-source itself (Lümos)
  • More detailed shadows (Lümos)
  • Luminosity should affects strength of the shadows (Lümos)
  • Android port
  • Documentation for building levels
  • Add licences and all that useless human bullshit I am not interested in


Used Font

Used Music

Graphics & Sounds

  • All graphics and sounds have been created from scratch by my wonderful girlfriend Nina