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The incredibly useful `git-tbdiff` tool to compare patch series (say, to see
what changed between two iterations sent to the Git mailing list) is slightly
less useful for this developer due to the fact that it requires the `hungarian`
and `numpy` Python packages which are for some reason really hard to build in
MSYS2. So hard that I even had to give up, because it was simply easier to
reimplement the whole shebang as a builtin command.

The project at seems to be dormant, anyway.
Funny (and true) story: I looked at the open Pull Requests to see how active
that project is, only to find to my surprise that I had submitted one in August
2015, and that it was still unanswered let alone merged.

While at it, I forward-ported AEvar's patch to force `--decorate=no` because
`git -p tbdiff` would fail otherwise.

Side note: I work on implementing branch-diff not only to make life easier for
reviewers who have to suffer through v2, v3, ... of my patch series, but also
to verify my changes before submitting a new iteraion. And also, maybe even
more importantly, I plan to use it to verify my merging-rebases of Git for
Windows (for which I previously used to redirect the pre-rebase/post-rebase
diffs vs upstream and then compare them using `git diff --no-index`). And of
course any interested person can see what changes were necessary e.g. in the
merging-rebase of Git for Windows onto v2.17.0 by running a command like:

	git branch-diff --dual-color $pre$base..$pre $tag$base..$tag

The --dual-color mode will identify the many changes that are solely due to
different diff context lines (where otherwise uncolored lines start with a
background-colored -/+ marker), i.e. merge conflicts I had to resolve.

Changes since v1:

- Fixed the usage to *not* say "rebase--helper" (oops, now everybody knows that
  I copy-edited that code... ;-))

- Removed `branch-diff` from the `git help` output for now, by removing the
  `info` keyword from the respective line in command-list.txt.

- Removed the bogus `COLOR_DUAL_MODE` constant that was introduced in one
  patch, only to be removed in the next one.

- Fixed typo "emtpy".

- Fixed `make sparse` warnings.

- Changed the usage string to avoid the confusing lower-case bare `base`.

- Fixed tyop in commit message: "Pythong".

- Removed an awkward empty line before a `continue;` statement.

- Released the `line` strbuf after use.

- Fixed a typo and some "foreigner's English" in the commit message of
  "branch-diff: also show the diff between patches".

- Avoided introducing --no-patches too early and then replacing it by the
  version that uses the diff_options.

- Fixed the man page to continue with upper-case after a colon.

The branch-diff of v1 vs 2 is best viewed with --dual-color; This helps e.g.
with identifying changed *context* lines in the diff:

git branch-diff --dual-color origin/master branch-diff-v1 branch-diff-v2

(assuming that your `origin` points to git.git and that you fetched the tags
from For example, you will see that the only
change in patch #10 is a change in the diff context (due to the change of the
usage string in patch #2):

10:  9810869ced9 ! 10:  2695a6abc46 branch-diff: do not show "function names" in hunk headers
    @@ -17,7 +17,7 @@
     +#include "userdiff.h"

      static const char * const builtin_branch_diff_usage[] = {
    -   N_("git rebase--helper [<options>] ( A..B C..D | A...B | base A B )"),
    + N_("git branch-diff [<options>] <old-base>..<old-tip> <new-base>..<new-tip>"),
        return data;

Johannes Schindelin (17):
  Add a function to solve least-cost assignment problems
  Add a new builtin: branch-diff
  branch-diff: first rudimentary implementation
  branch-diff: improve the order of the shown commits
  branch-diff: also show the diff between patches
  branch-diff: right-trim commit messages
  branch-diff: indent the diffs just like tbdiff
  branch-diff: suppress the diff headers
  branch-diff: adjust the output of the commit pairs
  branch-diff: do not show "function names" in hunk headers
  branch-diff: use color for the commit pairs
  color: provide inverted colors, too
  diff: add an internal option to dual-color diffs of diffs
  branch-diff: offer to dual-color the diffs
  branch-diff --dual-color: work around bogus white-space warning
  branch-diff: add a man page
  completion: support branch-diff

Thomas Rast (1):
  branch-diff: add tests

 .gitignore                             |   1 +
 Documentation/git-branch-diff.txt      | 239 ++++++++++
 Makefile                               |   2 +
 builtin.h                              |   1 +
 builtin/branch-diff.c                  | 534 ++++++++++++++++++++++
 color.h                                |   6 +
 command-list.txt                       |   1 +
 contrib/completion/git-completion.bash |  18 +
 diff.c                                 |  76 +++-
 diff.h                                 |   6 +-
 git.c                                  |   1 +
 hungarian.c                            | 205 +++++++++
 hungarian.h                            |  19 +
 t/.gitattributes                       |   1 +
 t/                 | 144 ++++++
 t/t7910/history.export                 | 604 +++++++++++++++++++++++++
 16 files changed, 1846 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)
 create mode 100644 Documentation/git-branch-diff.txt
 create mode 100644 builtin/branch-diff.c
 create mode 100644 hungarian.c
 create mode 100644 hungarian.h
 create mode 100755 t/
 create mode 100644 t/t7910/history.export

base-commit: 1f1cddd558b54bb0ce19c8ace353fd07b758510d

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