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Generating corporate profiles from the Web
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corporate-profile-generator Generating corporate profiles from the Web


When a company engages with their clients and establishes a relationship, it does an initial KYC (Know Your Customer), to get background information about the company and its key stakeholders and employees, like the list of C-Level executives of their client and their designations, HQ address, Phone numbers etc. The KYC is done manually by users for every client, which usually runs into hundreds of thousands of clients for some large companies.

Fetching profile information from either company websites or from public search engines is a tedious effort and takes considerable time.


The objective of this project is to automate the information extraction process and save on effort and increase productivity.

Expected behavior of the application

The application should consist of a front-end which would let a user enter the name of a client company and in turn, the application would

  • Crawl through the web
  • Gather all the relevant information as specified above
  • Create a profile for the client company using that information
  • Dump that information to a DB
  • Generate a PDF using that information

Mentor Details

Sayak Paul

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