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Pyre is a program that simulates language change with features. At least, that is what it will do. Right now it is a program that catalogues phonemes and features.

To run, download and run the file After the debugging information, type a command at the prompt. It understands the following inputs:

  • <phonemes> = <features> (e.g. i y=+high -back +syll)

    Create the specified phonemes with the specified features. All features are binary. You are not allowed to changed the value of a feature once it has been set, but you can always add additional features.

    Phonemes can be enclosed in slashes to mean "all the features of this phoneme". For example, if /t/ has already been defined as [+coronal −sonorant −voice], then d=/t/+voice would create /d/ as [+coronal −sonorant +voice].

  • <features> : <phonemes> (e.g. +voice -nasal: b d g)

    This is the same as the previous input, but with the phonemes and features reversed.

Planned features:

  • Implications, e.g. [−sonorant] → [−voice]

  • Sound change rules