Kubernetes next steps

Drew Sears edited this page Mar 4, 2017 · 1 revision

I read the basics tutorial, so I have now some exposure to:

  • Kubernetes concepts (masters, nodes, pods, containers, deployments, services).
  • Kubernetes commands with kubectl

I tried to skip ahead to the cluster admin guide and understand what my stack would actually look like if I were to deploy to cloud, VMware or bare metal. I'm clearly not ready for that yet.

Actual next steps:

  • Package a single-container app and publish it to Dockerhub. Probably Flask running straight against Python. Once I'm ready to get fancy, add nginx or something else in front to serve static files.
  • I've only use the browser-based minikube cluster. Try actually running minikube on my desktop.
  • Read more. Read the other 4 tutorials (past basics) and take notes, or start reading the user guide.
  • Build a "real" cluster from scratch. Start with 4 VirtualBox linked clones of a CentOS 7 base image, each with a bridged adapter and an IP on my home LAN. Set up these servers: kubectl01, kubemaster01, kubenode01, kubenode02. Control box will be used to SSH to the other boxes, and to run kubectl and any other setup/management tools. Document the process: Building a Kubernetes cluster from scratch with VirtualBox and CentOS 7.
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