audioPi is a project aiming to build a Linux-based audio box using the Raspberry Pi
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The goal of the audioPi project is to build a Linux-based audio box using the Raspberry Pi.

The goals of this project are detailed in greater length in the following blog posts:


None so far ;-)



Don't hesitate to join us and share your ideas!


audioPi is released under the terms of the GNU General Public License (GPL) v3 (or any later version). Refer to the "LICENSE" file for more information. Check out the "licenses" folder for details about the licensing of all the software that audioPi depends upon.


audioPi is free and open source. All resources created in the context of this project (source code, images, etc) and committed to this repository are, unless stated otherwise, licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) v3. Although, the audioPi project relies heavily on other free and open source software and as such, we do not claim any copyright on the software that we depend upon.

Participants in this project are free to keep their copyright. In order to do so, they should add an header to every submitted source file for which copyrights should be retained. If resources are submitted that do not belong to the submitter, then it is the responsibility of the submitter to add an header specifying the copyright information.


Sebastien Dubois