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This package use 'helm' as an interface to find tag with Etags. it support multiple tag files.

(setq tags-table-list '("/path/of/TAGS1" "/path/of/TAG2"))

and it can search parent directory recursively for a file named 'TAGS'. so you needn't add this special file to 'tags-table-list'


(auto) update TAGS using exuberant-ctags

   (autoload 'turn-on-ctags-auto-update-mode "ctags-update" "turn on 'ctags-auto-update-mode'." t)
   (add-hook 'c-mode-common-hook  'turn-on-ctags-auto-update-mode)
   (add-hook 'emacs-lisp-mode-hook  'turn-on-ctags-auto-update-mode)

   (autoload 'ctags-update "ctags-update" "update TAGS using ctags" t)
   (global-set-key "\C-cE" 'ctags-update)

with prefix 'C-u' ,then you can generate a new TAGS file in your selected directory, with prefix 'C-uC-u' same to prefix 'C-u',but save it to kill-ring instead of execute it."

when you save a file ,'ctags-auto-update-mode' will recursively searches each parent directory for a file named 'TAGS'. if found ,it will use 'exuberant-ctags' update TAGS.

it would not be updated if last time calling 'ctags-update' is not 5 minute age(default).

if no 'TAGS' found ,it will check 'tags-table-list' and 'tags-file-name' if current buffer shares the same parent directory with 'tags-file-name' or one element of 'tags-table-list', it will auto create 'TAGS' file .

anything and helm

anything.el has been renamed to helm.el .

so I renamed anything-etag-plus to helm-etag-plus,and new repos will be