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Ether Tools

Some useful utilities for Ethereum testing.


git clone
cd eth-tools
npm install

Setup a local geth node, create an account and request Ether

To setup your local geth node follow these instructions.


Returns the private key for an account on a local geth node, given the account password.

node getPrivateKey <accountId> [datadir]

The accountId is the account address you created when you setup your local geth node.

The datadir defaults to $HOME/Library/Ethereum/rinkeby.


Transfers Ether between two Ethereum accounts using the private key for the source account (headless).

node index.js <source> <destination> <source private key> <wei> <rpc URL>

The source is the source Ethereum account. It must have enough Ether in to cover the amount of wei to be transferred as well as transaction fees.

The destination is the destination Ethereum account.

The source private key is the private key for the source account. You can use getPrivateKey to retrieve this for local geth accounts.

The wei is the amount to transfer from source to destination in wei.

The rpc URL is the URL used to connect to the Ethereum network. For example, you could use an Infura URL.

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