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Reactive Restful service with Spring 5 and Spring Boot 2

Build Status

This project is about building a small Reactive RESTful service with Spring 5 And Spring Boot 2, the DB used is MongoDB and security is managed with Spring Security OAuth2 and SSL.

More details can be found here:

The "non-reactive" version is also available: customer-service


All docker support files are located in the docker directory

  • Dockerfile: this file describes the docker image of the service
  • docker-compose.yml: this file manages 2 containers, a container based on the image created with Dockerfile file and a container based on the official MongoDB image.
  • docker-compose up --build -d: build, start and link the 2 containers, this command is called from
  • ./ builds a jar file without the Embedded MondoDB dependency and calls docker-compose up --build -d
  • curl -f -s http://localhost:8081/application/health | jq '.status': can be used to check if the service is up or down
  • docker-compose down: stop the containers and remove them
  • ./ is identical to docker-compose down


  • This configuration has been tested with: Ubuntu Linux 16.04, Docker CE 17.06.1-ce and docker-compose 1.15.0
  • If jq is not installed on your system you can simply remove | jq '.status' from the curl command
  • If you receive an error message from docker-compose about an unsupported version of Dockerfile please update your docker-compose as described here