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Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Data Repository for Africa

Africa COVID-19 Dashboard

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Code License: MIT | Data License: CC BY-SA 4.0

COVID-19 Dataset

The purpose of this repository is to collate data on the ongoing coronavirus pandemic in Africa. Our goal is to record detailed information on each reported case in every African country. We want to build a line list – a table summarizing information about people who are infected, dead, or recovered. The table for each African country would include demographic, location, and symptom (where available) information for each reported case. The data will be obtained from official sources (e.g., WHO, departments of health, CDC etc.) and unofficial sources (e.g., news). Such a dataset has many uses, including studying the spread of COVID-19 across Africa and assessing similarities and differences to what’s being observed in other regions of the world.

To sign up to contribute to this effort please send an email to and choose a country (or countries) in the Contributors file below. This is part of a larger global effort to collate data on the coronavirus pandemic.

See our blog post on why we built this and how we are working.

For information on daily updates on the repo, go to



  • I want to add a country: Start a new line list, see template below.
  • I want to help, but dont have an idea: You can take a look at the issues to see which one you might be interested in tackling.
  • I have an idea or new feature: Create a new issue first, assign it to yourself and then fork the repo.

Template for a new list

  • See the data/templates/ if you want to start a new line list for a country that is not yet included. You must upload csv though.

Adopt a country

Help with issues

Resources [Get some ideas]

List of contributors or volunteers

Submitting Changes [Pull Request]

Data Available [/data]

dataset url raw_url[file]
line-list-africa line-list-africa line-list-africa.csv
line-list-algeria line-list-algeria line-list-algeria.csv
line-list-benin line-list-benin line-list-benin.csv
line-list-egypt line-list-egypt line-list-egypt.csv
line-list-ethiopia line-list-ethiopia line-list-ethiopia.csv
line-list-gambia line-list-gambia line-list-gambia.csv
line-list-kenya line-list-kenya line-list-kenya.csv
line-list-namibia line-list-namibia line-list-namibia.csv
line-list-nigeria line-list-nigeria line-list-nigeria.csv
line-list-rwanda line-list-rwanda line-list-rwanda.csv
line-list-south-africa line-list-south-africa line-list-south-africa.csv
line-list-zimbabwe line-list-zimbabwe line-list-south-zimbabwe.csv


Data Sources

See data README

Github Contributors [Commits and Pull requests]

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Citing this dataset


Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Data Repository for Africa. Vukosi Marivarte, Elaine Nsoesie and Consortium for African COVID-19 Data. Available on:


@dataset{marivate_vukosi_2020_3732980, author = {Marivate, Vukosi and Nsoesie, Elaine and Bekele, Esube and Africa open COVID-19 data working group}, title = {{Coronavirus COVID-19 (2019-nCoV) Data Repository for Africa}}, month = mar, year = 2020, publisher = {Zenodo}, version = {0.5}, doi = {10.5281/zenodo.3757554}, url = {} }