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SimBlock Visualizer

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An online visualizer for SimBlock.

SimBlock is a blockchain network simulator, whose web site is here.


This visualizer is available from:

You can see the visualization by uploading output.json via the UPLOAD button.

  • output.json, one of the SimBlock's output files, is listing occurred events during a simulation.
  • If no files have been uploaded yet, this visualizer displays the visualization for the default output file as a demonstration.
  • Note: This visualizer supports only the default setting for a list of regions ― BlockChainSimulator.settings.NetworkConfiguration#REGION_LIST.

The correspondence of each visible object is as follows:

  • Circle: a blockchain node.
    • The coordinates (latitude and longitude) are randomly determined around the region of the node.
    • The color is associated with the latest block of the node.
    • Large circle: a miner of the block corresponding to the color.
  • Edge: a propagation from a node to another node at the timestamp.
    • The color is associated with the flowing block.
    • Bold edge: a propagation just received at the timestamp.

For developers


$ yarn install

Compiles and hot-reloads

$ yarn serve

Files for SimBlock

There are the default output files of SimBlock in:

  • src/assets/static.json
  • src/assets/output.json


Apache License 2.0

Copyright 2019, Distributed Systems Group


E-mail: dsg-titech at


v1.1.0 ― 2019-07-09

  • Draw each propagation not only at the timestamp of the block reception, but between the transmission and the reception.

v1.0.0 ― 2019-06-27

  • Make this repository public.