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TurboGrafx 16 / PC Engine for MiSTer Board

This is the port of Gregory Estrade's FPGAPCE


  • SuperGrafx mode
  • saves
  • Completely rewritten CPU and VDC for cycle accuracy
  • Uses DDR3 and SDRAM for cartridge's ROM (SDRAM is recommended for accuracy)
  • 6(8)-buttons joystick
  • Turbotap(multiple joysticks)
  • Mouse
  • Pachinko controller
  • Street Fighter II and Populous mappers
  • CD-ROM
  • Arcade Card
  • Cheat engine


Copy the *.rbf file at the root of the SD card. Copy roms (*PCE,*BIN) to TGFX16 folder. You may rename ROM of your favorite game to boot.rom - it will be automatically loaded upon core loading. Use SGX file extension for SuperGrafx games.

CD-ROM games

CD-ROM images must be in BIN/CUE format, and must be located in the TGFX16-CD folder. Each CD-ROM image must have its own folder. cd_bios.rom must be placed in the same TGFX16-CD folder as the images mentioned above. Japanese Super CD-ROM v3.00 is recomended for maximum compatibility. Additionally you can use a different bios for specific games (for example from Games Express) by placing cd_bios.rom inside the game image's folder.

Do not zip CD-ROM images! It won't work correctly.

Attention about US BIOS: MiSTer requires original dump of US BIOS to work properly. It needs to be of 262144 bytes. If you can read copyright string at the end of US BIOS file, then it's not correct dump! It's already pre-swapped for emulators. While it will work on MiSTer, some CD games will refuse to start. Correct US BIOS file is when copyright string is not readable.

Cheat engine

Standard cheats location is supported for HuCard games. For CD-ROM game all cheats must be zipped into a single zip file and placed inside game's CD-ROM folder.


Both Turbotap and 6-button joysticks are supported. Do not enable these features for games not supporting it, otherwise game will work incorrectly.


Pachinko controller is supported through either paddle or analog joystick Y axis.


Hold down Run button then press Select. Some games require to keep both buttons pressed longer to reset. The PC Engine/Turbografx-16 did not have a hardware reset button, and instead relies on this button combination. With this method, in-game options will remain if you have changed them, whereas the MiSTer OSD reset will revert them.


This core may work without SDRAM (using on-board DDR3), but it may have different kinds of issues/glitches due to high latency of DDR3 memory. Thus SDRAM module is highly recommended for maximum accuracy.


  • Both headerless ROMs and ROMs with header (512b) are supported and automatically distinguished by file size.

Download precompiled binaries

Go to releases folder.


TurboGrafx-16 CD / PC Engine CD for MiSTer



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